Silent Knight

SpeciesEquestrian Pony
Birthdate22nd Dark Moon 852 CE
Eye Color     #A5A7A7
Mane Color     #4F98D2
Coat Color     #EFF2F3
Cutie Mark
A silver sword in a blue crescent moon

Silent Knight is male pegasus pony that was born in Cloudsdale to Stratus Knight and Wallflower. He is the younger of their two foals. His sister, Winterspear, is a few summers older.

At a young age, Silent Knight was enrolled Canterlot Academy where he completed his education before enlisting into the Royal Guard.

Silent Knight is the protagonist of Memoirs of a Royal Guard, Secrets of a Royal Guard, and Trials of a Royal Guard.

Memoirs of a Royal Guard Summary

After the ‘Nightmare Moon’ incident Silent Knight volunteers to join a new House Guard to protect Princess Luna. He is introduced to his new partner Iridescence and squad mate Miley Hooves.

Iridescence develops feelings for Silent Knight as he works hard on becoming more socially adept and growing beyond his training to be a royal guard.