Leveling Bonuses

As you level, you’ll be reward with various types of bonuses: Elements, Virtues, and Boons. These are managed through PMs using the #rpg bonus command.

Element bonuses increase your maximum roll for the Element selected by two, up to a maximum of 1d16. For example, if your Kindness die is a 1d4 and you apply your bonus to it, it will become a 1d6.

Example: rpg bonus kindness

Example: rpg bonus generosity

Virtue bonuses add +1 to the selected Virtue. Pretty straightforward!

Example: rpg bonus humility

Example: rpg bonus love

Boons are special advantages unlocked at different levels. Each boon does something different, and some are required to unlock later ones down the line—for example, in order to get Very Thrifty, you have to first accept Thrifty. To see the list of boons available to be accepted, you simply message Azurite rpg bonus boons.

Example: rpg bonus boons 1