Equestrian [Samoan] is the main language in the kingdom of Equestria. It consists of fourteen letters and is a vowel-heavy language, making it sound cute—and, in some opinions, simplistic—to foreigners. Example phrases:

Good morning — Manuia le taeao
Goodbye — Fā (inf) / Tōfā / Tōfā soifua
Sorry — Fa’amalie atu
I love you — Ou te alofa ia te oe
Equestria — Fa’atasifanua

Prench [French] is the language found in the region of Prance, which is in the eastern region of Southern Equestria. It came from overseas with an influx of gryphon chefs from Eybarmir that settled in the lush valley of unique vegetation now known as Prance.

Itailian [Italian] is the language found in the region of Itaily, which is in southwestern region of Southern Equestria. It is a drift from Prench that has, over time, become its own unique language.

Jibanese [Japanese] is the regional dialect found on the island of Jiban. It is off the eastern coast of Middle Equestria, somewhat secluded from the mainland. Primarily inhabited by earth ponies and deeply rooted in a unique culture that has developed over the centuries, the Equestrian language shifted along with the culture to reflect the changes.


Each kingdom in Varrheim has their own dialect of Gryphish, with the island kingdom of Eybarmir speaking an entirely different language due to their exposure to foreign languages.


Grynçais [French] is the language most commonly found on the island of Eybarmir, which developed over many centuries of trading with other countries, particularly Equestria and Saddle Arabia. It is a mesh of the three languages spoken most often in the ports: Gryphish, Equestrian, and Arabic.


Alton was born in Nordanver and carried a heavy Northern Gryphish [Welsh] accent when he spoke Equestrian. The capital and the regions around it have a more sophisticated dialect known as Upper Gryphish [British English]. Along the coast that is closest to Eybarmir, Grynçais is commonly spoken among the locals.


The Southern Gryphish [German] dialect is more guttural in the southern kingdom Sudramoar with heavy sounds made in the back of the throat. As with Nordanver, the capital and surrounding regions have a shift in dialect similar to Upper Gryphish, but considered less sophisticated and called instead Lower Gryphish [American English].


Caught with borders touching both Nordanver and Sudramoar and dealing with both more than they deal with each other, the eastern kingdom Austveger speaks a dialect that is influenced by both Northern and Southern Gryphish known as Eastern Gryphish [Icelandic]. There is little dialect shift in the capital. Few gryphons speak Grynçais, as Austveger and Eybarmir are on opposite ends of Varrheim.

Saddle Arabia

Arabian is the language spoken in the kingdom of Saddle Arabia. There are differences between the Arabian spoken by those who live in the city of Al-Jawhar and the Bedouin herds who wander the desert due to the cultural differences and limited exposure to one another.