Advanced-level challenges have the chance to reward items. These items come with randomly chosen bonuses based on their rarity level. Normal items have a prefix and/or a suffix that determine their bonus(s). Legendary items have static, pre-determined bonuses. Typing @Azurite rpg inventory will show you your current inventory.

To benefit from these bonuses, you have to wear the items. You can wear up to two (2) items at a time. The syntax to wear and remove items are based on the slot number, which is shown in the inventory screen.

Example: @Azurite rpg wear 1

Example: @Azurite rpg remove 1

You start out with a Canvas Saddlebag that can hold up to ten (10) items. Once you have ten items, you will automatically discard an item of the lowest rarity available in your inventory and replace it with the new one. In order to keep your items from being discarded, they must be locked. Worn items are locked by default.

Example: @Azurite rpg lock 2

Example: @Azurite rpg unlock 2

If you want more inventory space, you have to upgrade your saddlebags! PM Azurite rpg upgrade inventory to see the price of the next available upgrade.