Confrontations are similar to challenges… but on a much larger scale! These randomly spawned events last for an hour and require the efforts of multiple participants to overcome.

To participate in an active confrontation, type: @Azurite rpg confront. It costs a Token of Harmony to participate in a confrontation.

Threat Level — There are three threat levels a confrontation can be: minor, major, and devastating. The threat level determines the number of successes required to defeat it, the difficulty level to challenge it, and the rewards received!

Element & Virtue Rolls — These work more or less the same as regular challenges. Element rolls scale based on threat level and your level. Virtue rolls scale based on threat level.

Rewards — All confrontations reward EXP, bits, Tokens of Harmony, and chances at items. The higher the threat level and the more successes you contribute, the better these will be.