A region in Southern Equestria. Andalusia = a region in Spain Andalusian = a breed of horse also known as the Pure Spanish Horse


Equestria Equestrian [Samoan] is the main language in the kingdom of Equestria. It consists of fourteen letters and is a vowel-heavy language, making it sound cute—and, in some opinions, simplistic—to foreigners. Example phrases: Good morning — Manuia le taeao Goodbye — Fā (inf) / Tōfā / Tōfā soifua Sorry — Fa'amalie atu I love you…

The Pancake Shack

The Pancake Shack served pancakes all hours of the day, every day. Want breakfast for dinner? Pancake Shack! Drunk and need something to eat but it's midnight and the fridge is empty? Pancake Shack! The Velveteen Mask, Scratching the Surface