SpeciesEquestrian Pony
Birthdate850 CE
Eye Color     #646CAE
Mane Color     #B9B8E6
Coat Color     #46A8EB

Azurite is a female unicorn that was born in Canterlot to Sapphire and Azalea Azure. She is their only foal and the couple had her later in life than is traditional.

Azurite received a standard Canterlot education and attended Canterlot Academy after graduating from the Canterlot Preparatory School.

Her magical talents are limited to a few spells she does well. Azurite shines in other areas such as organization and creativity. She is also known for being one of the shortest and most petite ponies around and is often mistaken for a filly.

Azurite is the protagonist of Azure Days, Three of Hearts, and Three of Diamonds.