2018 Super Summer Jam

What started as a joke has become reality! We are both excited and slightly bewildered by the interest expressed in a Q&B writing contest. So here it is: the 2018 Super Summer Jam!

The Details

We are looking for a short story of 3,000 words or less featuring original (Q&B or otherwise) and/or canon characters in one of the following prompts:

1. X attempts to give Red Velvet a bath.

2. It’s X’s first day in the Royal Guard… and nothing goes according to plan.

3. X visits the Mare Contraire for fun but may have just found their soulmate.

4. X found a blue line. And then three more. Now there’s seven of them. But where do they lead?

5. X just wanted to take the All-Access Canterlot Palace Tour, but the moment they looked away their group had left them behind. Now they’re all alone with a pass that will let them anywhere in the palace!

6. PonyCon in Baltimare is open to all fans of everything Equestrian! What brings X here, though?

Stories will not be judged on grammar or spelling, but solely about the storytelling. Knowledge of and adherence to Q&B lore is not required whatsoever.

We will each pick two favorites and let the Q&B community vote on which of the four they enjoyed most.

They will be anonymous submissions through QuillnBlade.com using the below form. After the contest, you are of course free to do with your writing as you wish, but please don’t post it beforehand to keep the anonymity aspect in place.


Please get your submission in to us before September 1.


Fourth and third place will get their story edited by Crystal and posted onto QuillnBlade.com.

Second place will get the above as well as have a live reading by Crystal and Anzel.

First place will get all of the above as well as art commissioned by us of what we liked most in their story.

If the story is raunchy, it can still be submitted but if it places, it will not be posted on QuillnBlade.com nor will the art commissioned be of anything risqué.

Submission Time!

You will be given an entry key after submission to confirm this is yours. It is otherwise anonymous, even if you’re logged in!

The contest is closed and is currently in the first judging phase.


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