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The Quill & Blade Discord server is, for the most part, private and invite-only; however, on weekends, the #lobby is open to the public. You can join the server via this invite link: https://discord.gg/xpghuzj

Patrons have access to a patron-only channel, as well as other private channels. Occasionally, people will be flagged as a Peeper, which allows them into the private channels (save for #patron-chat).

The server rules are simple:

  1. Do not post any NSFW images or links. If you think it might be borderline, you can ask Crystal. If you’re not comfortable showing it to Crystal, it’s probably NSFW.
  2. This is not a roleplaying server. An occasional action is fine, but keep it to a minimum.
  3. THINK before you speak: if it’s not Thoughtful, Helpful, Insightful, Necessary, or Kind, then why are you saying it?
  4. If you ask why you aren’t a Peeper, then you’re less likely to become one.