2018 Super Summer Jam Finalists

The top four entries are: A Night at the Gala Lovey Dovey and the Blue Line of Fate The Long Con The Tour Pass Please help us out by voting for your favorite!
2018 Super Summer Jam Finalists
Good luck picking one, because we struggled picking four!

Crystal’s Hopes – Chapter 61 [Draft]

There was something different about the condo Crystal and Velvet used to share. It wasn't the fact that every hard corner had been foal-proofed with soft foam, or that there was a fabulously plush rug of multi-colored pastel hues in the center of the room.  It also had nothing to do with her old bedroom…

Azure Days – Chapter One [Draft]

Canterlot, the jewel of Equestria. That is what the pony scholars call it. At least I think it is. Honestly, I didn’t pay a lot of attention in class. That isn’t important though, to me it is the best city in the world. Someponies prefer the modern cities like Manehattan and Baltimare with their tall,…

2018 Super Summer Jam

What started as a joke has become reality! We are both excited and slightly bewildered by the interest expressed in a Q&B writing contest. So here it is: the 2018 Super Summer Jam! The Details We are looking for a short story of 3,000 words or less featuring original (Q&B or otherwise) and/or canon characters…