Welcome to Quill & Blade!

Hello, and welcome to the official website for Quill & Blade. In all likelihood, if you’ve wandered here, then you know where you are. Just in case you are totally lost, however, here is the rundown of what Quill & Blade is and what this site is for!

What is Quill & Blade?

Quill & Blade is what we call our My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic alternate universe. The Royal Guard Trilogy and Crystal’s Tales all take place within this universe, as well as several side stories that have cropped up over time, such as Three of Hearts, Lovey Dovey and the Business Pony, The Velveteen Mask, and more.

Who are “we”?

We are Crystal and Anzel! We started writing MLP:FiM fanfiction in 2014 and have received unexpected and overwhelming positive feedback to our stories. It’s been a joy and a pleasure to share our passion with everyone on FiMFiction.

Why your own website?

The original reason was because FiMFiction was the target of a DDoS attack, and the realization that we could lose our audience at a moment’s notice was a little unnerving. So we set out to make a backup location for readers to find our stories, and over time the scope of the site has grown to include an Ask Us section, character profiles, and Patreon rewards.

Wait, wait, what—Patreon? You’re one of those schmucks?

Yes, we are! If folks want to support our creative endeavors financially, why shouldn’t they? The only story content that is locked behind a “paywall” are unedited drafts. No chapters or stories will be Patron-only. Ever.